To all who bear the Cameroonian identity, to those who have borne it and to all others who will bear it, it is with tears in my eyes, grief in my heart but also hope in our resurrected Lord, Jesus the Christ that I write to you as one of your own. Peace be with you.
How we have forsaken our Lord, how we have forsaken ourselves and still cause so much harm to one another. Look around you, from north to south, west to east, there is misery, there is anger, oppression, pain and suffering both of physical and spiritual order .We are blessed with all sorts of resources; Africa in miniature as we are usually called .The national treasure is abundant but the suffering too is great. We have inflicted all these on ourselves, on one another because of selfishness, greed and pride but above all because we do not love our neighbours. A minority is living in great wealth and material abundance while the majority is poverty stricken.
We are aware of all these irregularities but usually we want to ignore them, give a blind sight and stay in our so called “comfort /safe zone”. We do not react unless we are personally affected (according to you), if only you knew! We love human approval rather than the approval of God.
I will not pretend to recount the history of this nation to you because I am but of little knowledge . Others have done it already, so well. Instead I will say as my Lord permits, (may he be merciful to my sinful soul) that over the years many have risen up and pointed out these issues, today I add my voice to theirs and even after me, many others will; for there is no way to escape from the will of God, the will of truth; that is Jesus himself.
Today we have a major plague, the grievances of Anglophones in Cameroon, Southern Cameroon if I may say so. This is just one among many issues that plague our society today because we have exiled ourselves from light. One group says it is oppressed and marginalized, another say there is no marginalization, some accuse their brothers of being cowards, others say fools, and others talk of tribalism, hatred and so on. Who then is right? Who is wrong? Who is saying the truth? I am not the judge of this situation, in fact none of us is. But I will recall the words of the great philosopher and theologian, Augustine of Hippo about truth “noli foreas ire, in te ipsum redi .In interior homine habitat veritas”. The truth indeed is in us.
I must assure you that nothing has happened by chance, nothing happens by chance, God has a plan. He has already predicted our future. What we have to do is to seek his face in prayer. It is not too late for us to run back to our merciful God, to return from our exile.
I am not preaching an ideal world but wish to remind that creation is in statu viaie , a state of journeying .We are all invited to make individual pilgrimages towards perfection ,to love and support one another in our strengths and weaknesses, to forgive one another ,to respect each other ,to promote justice, to promote truth, to promote peace. The truth will set us free and grant peace in our hearts, peace in our lives, and peace in our society.
Finally I say to you, do not be afraid, your God has not forgotten you, he will help you. Let the weak say I am strong and the poor say, I am rich. The day of the Lord is coming . Blessed is the man that fears the Lord.
Your servant,

Baiye Randolf Takor